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HealthInfoSource.com is a resource for the greater Fort Collins area that is:

  • Local - helps people find healthcare services in the community
  • Accurate and unbiased - serves as a comprehensive online resource to help the community learn more about important health issues
  • Consumer-based - assists people in making informed healthcare choices

Getting a healthcare organization or practice listed on this website is free and easy! Providers can choose to submit information about their practice online and maintain the listings, or work with staff to create a personalized listing. Please read the details below and then give us a call when you're ready to get started:

  • Mental health and substance abuse providers - Emily Leetham (970) 494-4370
  • All other providers - Pam Klein (970) 224-5209

HealthInfoSource.com is a joint project of the Health District of Northern Larimer County and the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment. Editorial control of this web site rests with project staff and a steering committee of representatives from these nonprofit health organizations. Read more about the site.

With your help, this website will be a comprehensive resource, listing healthcare agencies, services and providers in our community.

Who Should Get Listed?

Health-related organizations, agencies and clinics and those in health-related private practices in Fort Collins, CO and surrounding areas.

Medical and Primary Care Professionals
Doctors including primary care physicians and medical specialists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, etc., and the clinics and organizations that employ these healthcare professionals.
Dental Health Professionals
Dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, etc., and the clinics and organizations that employ these healthcare professionals.
Other Health Service Providers
Physical therapists, registered dietitians, optometrists, speech pathologists, midwives, hearing specialists, etc., and the clinics and organizations that employ these healthcare professionals.
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Professionals
Counselors, psychologists, therapists, etc., and the clinics and organizations that employ these healthcare professionals.
Alternative and Complementary Health Professionals
Acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc., and the clinics and organizations that employ these healthcare professionals.

Inclusion Policy for Healthcare Providers

The following disclaimers and procedures have been established regarding listings of healthcare providers on this website:

  1. Participation in this website is free and voluntary.
  2. The inclusion of a particular provider, provider group or type of provider does not imply endorsement by HealthInfoSource.com, the steering committee or the sponsoring organizations.
  3. This website does not guarantee the quality of care provided by any provider listed on the site. HealthInfoSource.com does not guarantee a provider's certification and/or licensure.
  4. The opinions and practices of healthcare providers listed on this website are not necessarily those of HealthInfoSource.com, the steering committee or the sponsoring organizations.
  5. Participating in this website does not afford providers editorial privileges over this website, except for their own personal and business information.
  6. Certain providers may contribute general health information to this site or be asked to review health topics in their specialty area. These providers are called on as experts in their field and are unpaid volunteers. These providers are contributors, not editors. Editorial control is retained at all times by the site editor and steering committee.
  7. Contribution of material and/or time to this site does not afford providers preferential treatment in search returns.
  8. Some providers may pay monies to HealthInfoSource.com for sponsorship purposes. Sponsorship does not give providers editorial control or preferential treatment in search returns. Please see the sponsorship policy for more information.
  9. Participation in this website does imply endorsement of this website by providers who are listed.
  10. HealthInfoSource.com reserves the right to exclude individual providers, provider groups or entire categories of providers at the discretion of the site editor and the steering committee.
  11. Every attempt is made to ensure that all local providers in each specialty are included in this database. However, HealthInfoSource.com does not guarantee that the database is complete or accurate.
  12. Providers are listed on this site based on the principles in the next section. Users of this site - and other health-related sites - should note that licensure and certification are not a guarantee of quality, professional and safe medical practice.
Procedures for Inclusion
  1. Providers listed on this site have practices in the greater Fort Collins area. Exceptions may apply.
  2. Providers participating in the site should have current national certification and/or current State of Colorado licensure if required. HealthInfoSource.com does not guarantee a provider's certification and/or licensure.
  3. Providers known to have suspended, revoked or lapsed licenses or certification will be removed from this site. Please note that providers with licenses or certifications under review, on probationary status or with restrictions may be included and will have no special notation. The public is invited to go to the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies' website for additional information about providers' credentials.
  4. If a provider has been omitted or removed from the website in error, the provider may appeal in writing to the steering committee for inclusion. The site editor will correct oversights when complete provider information is received.
  5. Providers who have been denied inclusion based on a lack of certification and/or licensure, or lapsed, revoked or suspended certification and/or licensure may be included once proper certification and/or licensure is granted. Appeals for inclusion or re-inclusion should be made in writing to the site editor.
  6. Providers may be removed at their request. Requests should be made to the site editor in writing or by calling (970) 224-5209.
  7. Providers listed on this site have agreed to provide the site editor or designee with complete, accurate and up-to-date information. Provider information must be updated on a regular basis and providers agree to review their information and to provide the site editor or designee with updates and corrections.
  8. All information submitted to HealthInfoSource.com will be reviewed by project staff prior to posting. HealthInfoSource.com reserves the right to exclude individual providers, provider groups or entire categories of providers at the discretion of the site editor and the steering committee.

Update Schedule and Policy

HealthInfoSource.com strives to provide consumers with accurate information about local healthcare providers. All provider and agency data listed on HealthInfoSource.com must be reviewed regularly to remain on the website. Depending on the type of providers, records must be reviewed every 9, 12 or 18 months in order to remain active in the system.

The update procedure is as follows:

  1. When a record is due for updating (every 9, 12 or 18 months, depending on type of provider), an email notification of the required update will be sent to the provider/agency. When an email is not available, staff will call. The email will contain:
    1. Instructions and a deadline (4 weeks) for updating the record
    2. A link to the provider/agency's information
    3. Contact information for problems and questions
  2. Information may be pulled off of the site when 45 days have elapsed without a response from the provider. The provider/agency data will be reposted immediately after being updated.

How the Database Works

The provider database has three different levels or types of data records:

  1. Organizations
  2. Programs
  3. Providers

This record is the basic information about a practice or organization, including a description of the kind of healthcare provided as well as location and contact information. All healthcare listings in the database start with this record.

This record includes more detailed information about services, payment accepted and eligibility. Organizations with more than one program or project will have more than one program record. Small healthcare practices (such as a massage therapist working alone or a physician office with three doctors) typically have one program record.

Practices have the option of listing individual providers by name. One record is created for each provider. In this record, providers can list educational background and certifications as well as additional descriptive information.

Get Started Checklist

HealthInfoSource.com strives to provide detailed information to help consumers make healthcare decisions. To make the input process easier, we have compiled a list of information you will need. Please note that some information is required, i.e., your organization's information will not be accepted without it.

Organization Record

  • General description of organization - required
  • Funding (non-profit, for-profit, etc.)
  • Name of executive director/president/CEO
  • Logo (must be a JPG or GIF file no larger than 150x150 pixels or 64K)
  • Website
  • Address and phone number
  • Disability access - required
  • Languages spoken - required
  • Email address

Program Record (information about the services you offer):

  • Description of program or service - required
  • Type of program (medical, dental, other health services, alternative, mental health) - required
  • Year founded 
  • General hours of operation - required
  • Ages and populations served
  • Fee structure (i.e., sliding fee, private insurance, Medicaid) - required
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Program specialty (i.e., pediatrics, crisis intervention, nutrition counseling)

Provider Record (if you would like to have your providers listed on the site, please collect the following information for each provider)

  • Name and gender of provider - required
  • Education and credentials (degrees, licenses, certifications - including name of institutions awarding degrees)
  • Year they started their practice in this field
  • Picture (same file size requirements as logo above) - optional
  • Email
  • Office address

Creating Your Own Records

There are more than 3,600 health-related organization and provider records on this site, and we could use your help as a provider to create (and update!) listings. To create or update your own records, a user name and password must be created by site staff. To get started, call:

  • Emily Leetham for mental health and substance abuse providers - (970) 494-4370
  • Pam Klein for all other providers - (970) 224-5209

Editing Existing Records

If you created the records you want to update, simply log in by going to www.healthinfosource.com/update. You should see a list of records you are authorized to edit. Open the appropriate record and follow the screen prompts to edit. Remember that your changes will not post on the site until they have been reviewed by staff. If you want to make changes to records you did not create, contact site staff to receive access to the records.

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